Hollie Trobak, B.A., M.C., R. Psych.

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What heals?

Genuine compassion, empathy, and humor…especially humor, are fundamental components
of my clinical practice, which I use to honor and support people towards
healing and growth. When combined together, the healing force created is a
‘game changer’ in people’s lives. My approach to psychotherapy is person
centered (congrats, you are unique! Your therapy should be too), grounded in
attachment theory (relationships are our friend! Don’t argue…everyone needs a
friend) and developmental psychology (we all go through life changes, change
sucks, but it’s true). This means I believe that understanding our own
individuality, our pattern of connection to each other and how we change over
the course of our life guides our path to wellness.

A little about me…

I started my career on the front lines of mental health in a psychiatric hospital
to help people with severe mental illness. Since then I have worked primarily
in private practice with children and adults with various concerns. I
particularly enjoy helping children heal and witnessing families change and
grow for the better. Moreover, my front line work experience and personal
military upbringing has nurtured a special interest for helping front line workers including first responders,
health care professionals, military personnel, Veterans, and RCMP with the challenges they face.
So what can I do?

I am experienced in counselling, professional consulting, development of psycho-educational
workshops, lecturing, and formal assessments for mood disorders, behavioural
concerns, problematic substance use and general psychopathology.
In regards to counselling and psychotherapy –

I am very comfortable working with a variety of modalities including:

• talk therapy,

• narrative,

• CBT,

• solution focused,

• harm reduction,

• Trauma focused,

• biofeedback,

• art therapy,

• play therapy,

• play assisted,

• thera-play,

• sandtray,

• sensory processing and somatic work.

Therapy is unique to each person and is collaboratively developed based on what
modality resonates best within each individual.
Who can I help?

• Children

• Adolescents

• Adults

• Couples

• Families
The most important Credential!

Bear with me as I walk you through my credentials, I am a Registered Psychologist
with the College of Alberta Psychologists and a member of the Psychologist
Association of Alberta. I have a Bachelors of

Psychology from the University of Alberta and a Masters of Counselling from
City University of Seattle. However, the most important credential I have is
that I am a regular person, this is important to remember when starting therapy
as it can be pretty intimidating sorting through all the credentials,
specialties and degrees out there.

Just keep in mind…

In the end effective therapy and healing is about building a safe, trusting
relationship, a ‘healing relationship’ with another person.

Seriously, it’s true.

Also, be forewarned, I laugh at my own jokes.
So, What’s the cost?

Sessions are billed at $200/hour and depending on the kind of benefits you have
I can direct bill for you.

Also, I am a Registered Psychologist which is the credential that benefits/insurances
look for so you shouldn't have any issues claiming sessions for
re-reimbursement if direct billing is not available.

Payments can be made by Cash, Cheque, Credit Card or Electronic transfer.

Yes, I do have a sliding scale rate that is available for reduced income individuals.

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