Theresa Stock, M.Ed., R.P.

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  • Registered Psychotherapist
  • 649 Colborne St , London, Ontario, N6A 3Z2
  • Phone: 226 774 0712
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  • Session Fees: 125 per hour

My 20 plus years of experience include; individual, couple and family therapy with a specific focus on trauma and attachment. My approach is strength based- my favourite quote is, "everything you need is already inside" by Bill Bowerman. I believe you have all you need, and together we can grow your resilience.           
As a Somatic Experiencing trained therapist I work with you to understand the ways that toxic stress and trauma show up in the body. Symptoms you may experience include; tightnes in the jaw, panic attacks, feeling disconnected or spacey, always on edge, and / or trouble sleeping. Together we will work to better understand these sensations and the thoughts and feelings that are attached. We will also build on the body's sensations of calm and stillness, promoting healing and resiliency.
 Sharing your thoughts and feelings with a stranger, can feel a little wierd. Because of this our first meeting will be about getting to know each other. Please call, text, or email and I will set up our first meeting. It is always a privledge to be trusted with somene's story. I look forward to sharing yours.

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