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I believe that each and every person has a story to tell and it is important to have someone witness our self-experience as we navigate through it, to better understand our patterns of being. My approach to this is called relational psychotherapy, which explores emotional well being by strengthening and enlivening relationships inside and out of the therapeutic space. In a therapy session, we have the unique opportunity of being our complete unedited selves and express ourselves in ways that we're sometimes unable to in our day to day lives. To help this I offer a warm and empathetic approach to therapy where I support clients who have experienced deep emotions or pain by allowing their to direct their therapy in a way that meets their needs. I believe that allowing clients to direct their therapy, and to walk beside them in their journey instead of directing it, helps them to understand how their experiences has shaped them.

Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, sadness, loss, or are faced with any other issue or emotional discomfort, a therapist can offer an avenue to be heard or understood in a different way than those who are a part of our lives already. Sometimes it can be too much for those closest to us to help us work through our issues and stand beside us while we heal from it, so a therapist can offer a nonjudgmental and impartial understanding of our circumstances.

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