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  • Registered Psychologist
  • #200, 2003-14 St. NW, Calgary, Alberta, T2M 1T6
  • Phone: 403-966-0357
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  • Session Fees: $160 per hour - $180 per hour

 Are you feeling challenged in some area of your life? Are past experiences or relationships haunting you?  Have you recently experienced a traumatic event? (ie. personal injury, relationship change, car accident, medical surgery, loss of a loved one, job stress).  On our journey of life we may need support adjusting, managing changes or ongoing stressors.  This enables us to live with more joy, experience life more fully, and increase our capacity to integrate current obstacles, climb mountains or events around the next curve.
My training has been geared towards supporting clients to integrate their challenges in a positive future focused manner.  The goal of this approach is to take into consideration a client's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.  These four aspects of the person can be utilized as resources/strengths that the individual has with them at all times.  This also integrates the entire person increasing their awareness and their capacity to integrate future changes.  My primary therapeutic approach is Self-Regulation Therapy (  Throughout my 20 year career I have also studied Family Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy and various other formats.  I engage in ongoing education and seek out regular supervision.  I believe this is an integral part of providing service as it ensures that you as a client are receiving ethical and competent services.
 Client Groups

I have worked with a variety of client groups including: EMS, EFAP, Child Welfare, RCMP, WCB, CBI, Veterans Affairs and CISM.  This has provided me with a broad range of experience and openness to working with other professionals. 

When we begin the therapeutic journey, you can expect confidentiality respect and a settled environment.  To set up appointments we can connect via telephone(403-966-0357) or email (  Please note I accept evening & Saturday appointments.  My office is conveniently located at #200, 2003-14 St. NW, and there is free parking nearby.  Upon scheduling an appointment, I will email you specific instructions regarding location, parking and accessing the building (if the appointment time is outside of normal business hours). 
First Session
The first session has several purposes and is interactive:  1) Informed consent is completed so that the client is fully aware of what the therapeutic relationship looks like 2)  Identifying information is gathered. 3) The presenting challenge is explored. 4) development of therapeutic goals. 5) Finally we decide whether a we can envision working together and future appointments are scheduled.
Thank you for your time.  I am passionate about counseling and psychotherapy and consider it a privilege when someone allows me to support them in their journey.

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