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I am a registered social worker with a Master of Social Work (MSW) from the University of Toronto. For the past 4 years, I have worked in the areas of addiction, family services, community services, and mental health. 

I value the agency of each individual person and have long been interested in promoting human welfare for both individuals and society. Being a social worker and therapist is more than just a job for me, it is integral to who I am as a person. From a young age, I had a deep curiosity and desire to understand individuals, society/culture, and the larger world that we all live in.

My approach with clients begins with an understanding that we, as individuals, each experience the world differently and each have our own unique stories to tell. 

I believe that a good therapist has a strong theoretical orientation and is able to communicate it openly and transparently to their clients. Theoretical frameworks help therapists understand their client’s needs and help guide interventions that are accountable, logical, and informed. 

A modality in which I am currently specializing is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. I have chosen to complete advanced training in this therapeutic approach due to the evidence supporting it and the profound efficacy it has been found to have on alleviating psychological suffering for clients in therapy (and long after therapy).

The work I do with clients is guided by a definition of mental health which is less concerned with pathology and more concerned with the ability to think, act, and feel in ways that are both open and flexible. I work towards helping clients become more adaptive, think more creatively, and feel with greater depth and intensity. I believe working towards these goals, through our sessions, will allow individuals to open up new possibilities for living.

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