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  "Inspiring Hope, Courage and Resilience"
My name is Catherine Stafford. I am fluently bilingual and offer psychological services in both English and French. I've worked as a therapist for almost 20 years in a variety of settings ranging from universities, to community centres, to clinics and now, private practice. As a licensed psychologist, I believe my most important job is to help you feel comfortable, engaged in your own process of learning and reflection, and in charge of your own healing path. My style tends to be informal and very relaxed, in that we meet as equals and I will use my expertise to guide where appropriate. My therapeutic approach is one of collaboration and partnership. I strive to create a safe therapeutic space in which you can feel free to fully explore and address your concerns. You, as the client, bring your strengths and life experiences with you into the therapeutic process. Together we work to clarify issues, build on strengths, access additional support, grieve losses and cope with the challenges you face. My goal is to assist you in moving forward with hope and courage, while fully honouring your life stories and experiences.
In my 19 years as a therapist, I've had the honour of working with clients dealing with a wide variety of issues and life challenges. I work with individuals and couples, ranging in ages from 16 to "seasoned to perfection"...
Professional support like mine may be beneficial if you and/or a partner are experiencing, or have experienced:
-sadness, depression
-grief, loss
-anger, frustration
-confusion about options, choices
-sexuality and intimacy
-low self-esteem 
-relationship stress
-existential questioning
-difficulty balancing self-care needs
-insomnia, sleep problems 
-PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) 
Over time I have developed expertise in several areas. In addition to working with clients on the issues described in my topics listing, I also specialize in Reproductive Health Psychology. I've found that this title doesn't explain much! So here goes: “Infertility & Reproductive Health”  is a broad term used to describe challenges and issues related to our bodies, and how we experience/cope with issues like:
-pregnancy loss, recurrent miscarriage
-pregnancy complications, coping with high-risk pregnancy
-dealing with a diagnosis/health condition which impacts fertility
-managing stress, risks, and implications of fertility treatment
-pregnancy after infertility/pregnancy loss
-alternative family-building options
-informed choice & ethics
-exploring mind-body relationships
-building solid support networks
-negotiating the medical system 
-coping with stress in relationship with your partner, family, and friends.
 Important: The above symptoms are common to people struggling with reproductive health-related issues, but every person’s experience is unique.

As a licensed psychologist, my services are covered by most extended health care insurance programs. I ask that you check with your policy provider directly regarding specific coverage questions. Fees qualify as a medical expense and as such, are tax-deductible. An official receipt is provided after each consultation.
I look forward to connecting and seeing if working together will meet your needs, 

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