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  • Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist
  • 28-166 Eastbourne Ave, Toronto, Ontario, M5P 2G6
  • Phone: 519-722-1353
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  • Session Fees: 80$/hour
  • www.forfreedomcounselling.com
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 Feeling trapped in endless pain that never seems to go away? 
Depression, anxiety, suicide, pain, and loneliness not leaving you alone to live your life? 
Past experiences leaving you feeling powerless to make the positive change you need in your life? 
Stuck in a situation that seems to take more from you than it gives, leaving you feeling used and abused.
I want you to know you are not alone.
You are not the only one that has felt this way.
You are not the only one that will overcome these feelings of hopelessness.

My name is Katie and as a Christian Counsellor I am passionate about coming alongside individuals and helping them find freedom during the most distressing times of life.
Child Protection Worker
   -Empowering and strengthening families to make needed changes to ensure safety for all family members
Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Counsellor
   - Meeting and supporting victims during crisis in the local hospital emergency room
   - Counselling victims post incident(s) to heal and overcome trauma
Victims of Crime Counsellor
   - Counsellor with local police services helping victims of various crimes, particularly domestic violence 
   - Assist victims know how to navigate through the criminal justice system, provide crisis intervention, safety            planning around accused release from custody, and therapeutic interventions to help manage the impact of crime
      on their life

Women's Abuse Shelter Support Worker
   - Assist women fleeing abuse find safety and independence through support with housing, finances, therapy,
     and crisis intervention
Individual and Group Therapist
   - Provide social work services to patients of interdisciplinaryfamily health team
This experience has equipped me:
--> To successfully help women learn how to safely and effectively respond to traumatic experiences in their life.
--> Understand the dynamics of abuse and how it has shaped our past and may be shaping your present and how this is essential in learning how to break free from the cycle of violence, victimization, and trauma.
-->Listen to your story with compassion and empathy enabling me to help understand how this is impacting your everyday life and help me empower you to find freedom.
--> Help victims navigate the justice system when a crime has been reported, that empowers them to make decisions in their best interest

I believe God is the God of peace, joy, and love, and that his desire for us is to live in a whole life out of His freedom.

Maybe you are mad at God for all the hurt you've experienced in your life.
Maybe you have lost faith because you believe God is on stand by and hasn't intervened making you feel worthless, unseen, and alone.
Maybe you believe God is good, but feel shaken by an experience that challenges this belief.  
Maybe you have been exhausted by religion, used by the church, and mistreated by Christians and want nothing to do with God.  

These feelings and questions are ok. God will never leave you, and if space and time is what you need he will be waiting for your joyful return if that is what you choose.
1)Strengths based Theory
The belief that every individual has strength even in the most desperate of

2)Anti-oppressive Practice

Understanding how the systems that our society is build on has shaped our experiences and our identity (this includes race, ethnicity, gender, social class, and more)  

3)Narrative Therapy
The stories and narratives we keep in our mind have a powerful effect on how we
perceive ourselves, others, the world, and God. Everyone has a story and by
telling this story we find hope in how to reframe our experiences and create
new narratives that serve us better in our life.

4)Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

Understanding how our thoughts, emotions, and behaviours are intricately
connected and how these come from deeper core beliefs about ourselves others,
the world, and God. Learn new ways of coping with maladaptive and dysfunctional
beliefs to experience a more positive and realistic view on life.

5)Person Centred Therapy
Focusing on the capacity for an individual to change in the context of a warm, safe, and empathic therapeutic relationship, with respect for the client’s self determination and ability to find the solutions best for them and their life.  
6) Christian Counselling
“Psychotherapy that is Christ centred, biblically based and spirit filled” (Counselling and Psychotherapy, A Christian Perspective, Siang-Yang Tan, p.15). Through the use of prayer, meditation, scripture, spiritual gifts, and a reliance on the Holy Spirit, we can look to God’s truth to help shape our identity and strengthen us in times of need. This can be accomplished by having explicit conversations around faith and religion, or can be accomplished implicitly by the counsellor reflecting insights and wisdoms that are biblically based. 

Registered Social Worker, (RSW)
  College of Social Workand Social Service Workers
Master of Social Work, (MSW)
  University of Toronto
Bachelor of Social Work, (BSW)
  Ryerson University
Certificate in Bible Ministry  
  University of the Nations  


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