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We are a group of registered Master of Social Workers, Nicole Anderson, Tracey Gough and Rachel Craig. We each specialize in different areas, including; dating relationships, healthy relationships, emotional regulation, grief, trauma, anxiety, depression, stress, transitioning life stages and more. You can view our individual profiles at and book a free consultation with the therapist of your choice!
We can help you acquire new skills in order to manage your emotions, increase your skill set in your communication and relationships and enable you to reach your mental health goals. We will work interactively and collaboratively to discover what methods suit you best. You can expect to feel accepted, respected, and cared for during your path to healing.
Counsellors are here to listen, teach and guide you on your path to self healing and provide you with evidence-based skills and tools to help you reach your mental wellness goals. Counselling helps identify root causes of emotional difficulties to help you achieve a better understanding of your past and present. Counselling can help you improve your well-being and increase your understanding of yourself on a deeper level. No problem is too small, if it is important to you, it is important. There is no failing therapy. It's all about learning. The purpose is to increase peacefulness in your life, and that is different for everyone. Therapy is also not one size fits all. Some people need someone to talk to, explore ideas with and reflect on their experiences to process thoughts and emotions. Some people need education and resources on addiction, anger management, or communication and relationship skills. Some people need help managing their mental health or emotions and need education to learn new or healthier coping strategies. Some need a combination. Your therapy will be tailored to what you need and we start wherever you are ready to begin.
Counselling therapy is judgement-free. A safe space for you to share.
Dedicated time that is for you and, all about you!

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