Stress, PTSD and Anxiety Therapists in Kelowna, BC.

Licensed professional counselling for anxiety, stress, phobias, and panic in Kelowna, British Columbia.

Anxiety Counsellor

Christina Fenske, RSW, BA Cert Hons

Registered Social Worker

230B - 1855 Kirschner Road, Kelowna, British Columbia

Anxiety is something that everyone deals with in one way or another through stress in their lives. Currently, 80% of my client's struggle with this often debilitating disorder so I have lots of experience in working with individuals to manage anxious better and improve their quality of life. I use CBT, and DBT as part of the therapeutic interventions.

Anxiety Counsellor

Amy Litster, RPCC

Registered Professional Counsellor

#202 - 385 Glenmore Road, Kelowna, British Columbia

Anxiety and stress seems to be in everyone's lives now-a-days! There are so many factors to stress in people's lives that weren't as prevalent as before. Finances, families, and employment are just a FEW examples that can lead people into overwhelming stressful situations, and without the proper coping skills they can lead into causes of anxiety. Interactive Counselling provides you the tools to help manage your stress, and help you achieve a happy, healthy, balanced life.

Anxiety Counselor

Esther Segui, RTC

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

Available for Online Therapy

High functioning anxiety effects many Canadians today without anyone ever knowing. Do you feel overcome by your anxious thoughts? If you feel overwhelmed by anxiety, you are not alone. Anxiety is one of the most normal feelings humans experience. In my past I have also struggled with anxiety. Having learned to cope and overcome my anxious thoughts has made me even more passionate to encourage and help others overcome their anxious thoughts too.

Anxiety Counsellor

Wanda Sexton, NEON Counselling

Registered Clinical Counsellor

#112-3121 Hill Road, Lake Country, British Columbia

Anxiety & stress are two of the most common concerns that many people live with each day. Sometimes these concerns can overtake our daily lives and affect us physically, mentally and spiritually. Using a realistic life based approach with proven methods, anxiety can be treatable and a thing of the past. I can provide you skills to work through anxiety such as problem solving skills, letting go of worry and other CBT approaches.

Anxiety Counsellor

Annette Adkin, RPC, Psychotherapist

Registered Professional Counsellor

787 Torrs. Crt., Kelowna, British Columbia

Stress is a normal part of life. Sometimes stress and anxiety can be barriers to living the life you really want. It's important to understand the thinking patterns that affect our emotional responses. Counseling will help you become more mindful. Paying close attention to negative, fearful and stress producing thoughts.We will also explore underlying issues, determine triggers and learn to calm your body which affects your thoughts.Finally, we will work towards developing your inner strength necessary to constructively respond to life challenges.

Anxiety Counsellor

Carl Malmsten, CouplesWork Senior Therapist

CouplesWork Senior Therapist

Kelowna, British Columbia

Struggles with Anxiety and distress can both result from distress in relationships and precipitate distress. Support in addressing these issues can have a signifiacant positive impact on overall relationship functioning. The fact that relationships are one of our primary coping mechanisms multiplies the potential distress when these are present as ithey impact the very mechanisms we use to cope.

Anxiety Counsellor

Dennis Leclair, B.A., B.Ed., M.Sc.

Personal Development and Relationship Counsellor

347 Leon Avenue, Suite 210 , Kelowna, British Columbia

Anxiety and stress are normal parts of our daily lives, however, if levels of stress and anxiety are too high or unmanageable, we can experience significant difficulties. These difficulties include avoidance behaviours, physical illness, depression, being overwhelmed, withdrawal and related symptoms. Anxiety and stress management counselling sessions will assist you with developing coping and management techniques. These strategies will greatly reduce your levels of anxiety and stress and increase your enjoyment of daily activities and your quality of life.

Anxiety Counsellor

Jenelle Kildaw, MSW, RSW, RYT, RMT

Registered Social Worker, Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200), Registered Reiki Master (IARP)

#214-3001 Tutt Street, Kelowna , British Columbia

I believe that most anxiety and stress caused today does not necessarily need to be treated with medications. Although at times useful in conjunction with natural and holistic therapies most issues related to anxiety can be dealt with by addressing a persons thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and actions. Building self awareness, mindfulness skills and holistic resources to detect triggers using CBT is my favoured method of helping clients help themselves.

Anxiety Counsellor

Lisa Webster, MA CCC

Canadian Certified Counsellor

320 McIntosh Road, Kelowna, British Columbia

Rapidly release anxiety and stress with Lisa's cutting edge techniques so that stress and anxiety melt away. Emotions can overwhelm us. Sometimes all we focus on is the negative, glass half empty perspective. We often load up our plates with so much worry and stress that we can become immobilized. We try to suppress, repress, avoid and ignore our emotions hoping that they will go away. Unfortunately, these techniques don't work in the long term. Learn to let emotions go and learn these new techniques that can be easily learned and duplicated at home.

Anxiety Counsellor

SEVA Counselling, M.A., RCC

Marriage and Family Therapy, Registered Clinical Counsellors

208 478 Bernard Avenue, Kelowna, British Columbia

Anxiety is a natural human reaction in life. It involves both the mind and body and it serves an important basic survival function. However, excessive amounts of anxiety, fear, nervousness, worry, or dread or anxiety that is too constant or too intense can cause a person to feel preoccupied, distracted, tense, and always on alert. Anxiety disorders are among the most common mental health conditions. - Learn how anxiety works and its important role in our lives. - Learn how to establish a healthy relationship with your anxiety and tools/skills to manage your stress before it gets out control, ways to cope when you are in its grip and strategies to re-establish a healthy balance.

Anxiety Counsellor

Ed Mitchell, RPC, MPCC, RTC, MTC, TFT (Dx)

Master Practioner Clinical Counselling, Psychotherapist

2140 Wilkinson Street, Kelowna, British Columbia

Most of us experience anxiety or stress in our lives. When our coping skills aren’t enough to handle worry and stress, therapy can help tremendously. We specialize in helping people learn to handle stress in their lives through one on one counselling or workshops. We focus on the whole person, helping them identify the stressors or worries in their lives, and explore the many different ways that they can manage stress. We explore their belief systems they have about themselves, helping them re-frame some of them. We help them with many tools that are effective in handling pressure in our lives, including relaxation methods, assertiveness, boundaries and self esteem to name a few general areas. W....

Anxiety Counsellor

Patti Langlais, M.A, MPCC, CCHt

Registered Counsellor, Master Practitioner Clinical Counsellor

5018 Treadgold Crt, Kelowna, British Columbia

Our focus is to support individuals who are struggling with anxiety and stress to a more relaxed and manageable way of being. Not only is stress and anxiety hard on our health and energy, but it also can have a significant impact on our world around us. We will work in a collaborative manor to break apart the building blocks that have contributed to the imbalance of anxiety and stress in your life, and empower you with the tools and techniques to remain in balance.

Anxiety Counsellor

Candy Widdifield, M.Ed., RCC, CCC, RMT (IARP)

Registered Clinical Counsellor, Canadian Certified Counsellor, Certified EMDR Therapist

#214 - 3001 Tutt Street, Kelowna, British Columbia

Candy uses EMDR in combination with strategies to help clients: a) recognize the triggers and intervene before the anxiety or stress takes over, b) increase relaxation to help brings themselves out of anxiety if they do get overwhelmed, c) increase access to the executive functioning in their brains so that they can see the bigger picture, make better decisions, and problem solve more easily.

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