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I am a fully licensed psychologist with the Ontario Psychological Association and have been in private practice for 20 years. I completed my Doctoral studies in Counselling Psychology in 1994 from the University of Toronto. I originally began my career as a psychologist within an Employee Assistance Company and after two years decided to open my practice. The experience of working in that setting was invaluable in terms of having worked with both a variety of personal issues such as depression, anxiety, sexual orientation, divorce, life transitions, addictions both alcohol and drug related as well as with individuals from all social and occupational backgrounds. I continue to provide service to an international company while working with private patients.

I provide psychotherapy/counselling to individuals aged 18 years or older. My services also include couples counseling in both the straight and gay communities. My approach is to address a patient’s presenting issues with a view towards understanding their family of origin and how they developed their own self-perceptions that cause them distress in their relationships.

My theoretical orientation draws from a number of schools of thought, including psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, trauma theory and solution-focused psychotherapy.
I believe strongly that the process should be client-centered and that the critical element of change is the quality of the therapeutic relationship developed between therapist and patient.

The reason why individuals typically seek out the services of a psychologist is to assist them during periods of distress that they may encounter during various times in life including:

- grief
- divorce
- relationship conflict
- conflict in the workplace
- and myriad other life situations

It is my belief that at the core of our individual struggles is our relationships with others. And these struggles originate from beliefs learned from our families of origin, various developmental passages and from our own personal experiences throughout the life cycle.

The availability of an objective person to listen, review and assist, and to creatively understand what an individual is experiencing, is at the core of the therapeutic relationship. This type of interaction is very different from confiding in family and friends who despite good intentions may not possess the skills required to help us grow and get beyond certain stresses. At these delicate times, you may also lack the personal strength to help yourself.

I take great pride and get much gratification in this healing process as I partner with a patient in developing insight into their presenting issue.

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