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"The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering." Ben Okri

Welcome to All Things Soul! - A Jung OutpostThe private practice of Helen Butlin in Old South, London, ON.

Please see my website for upcoming workshops, speakers and events at All Things Soul!- A Jung Outpost. Workshops include Mindfulness & Soul learning sessions, an annual 'Journey Group' for a deeper engagement with living a life you truly love, a speaker series with expert Jungian's and other therapists on dreams, eldership and 'soul' in a globalized world, 'fun days' with the senses such as breadmaking, soapmaking, needle felting and creative arts. More information at www.helenbutlin.com.

Individual support

A hopeful future needs wisdom and wise people to create it. Over many years in health care I've met and supported individuals and families to find a wise way through many of life's difficulties. In discovering our own wise-way, comes healing, renewal and transformation. Each person has their own unique wisdom... together we find it.

I integrate the work of:
  • John Kabatt-Zin - who pioneered research on the benefits of Mindfulness
  • Pema Chodron - a wise and compassionate teacher from the Budhhist tradition
  • Carl Jung who offers us an unprecedented life-long body of research into the wisdom of our dreams and  unconscious as an untapped resource for wisdom, guidance and meaning-in-life.
  • Marion Woodman - who integrated Jung's insights with her own to deepen Jung's work for women's lived experiences and particularly focusing on the importance of including our bodies into working with the unconscious
  • Viktor Frankl and Irving Yalom - Frankl pioneered the field of existential psychotherapy and focuses on the search for meaning-in-life, hope, belonging, dealing with the 'angst' of being human, existential loneliness and alienation

Feel free to call and discuss individual support sessions if you need to:

  • Heal from a loss - a loved one, job, home, health
  • Find inner balance and creativity
  • Change a creative block in your work or life
  • Heal compassion fatigue, burnout, high stress
  • Find new direction at a crossroads
  • Make a difficult life decision
  • Find personal meaning-in-life
  • Search for ways to deal with a sense of emptiness,meaninglessness and/or hopelessness through spirituality, wisdom traditions, mindfulness and meditation practices
  • Gain insight into dreams learning some of Carl Jung's insights on the life of your unconscious as an inner wisdom
  • Fill your own well as a therapist, front-line professional
  • Consult as a professional therapist to integrate some of Carl Jung's insights on dreams and imagery in client's narratives; learn how to work with active imagination in therapy; and work with your own unconscious life in the therapy process.

Mindfulness and Soul Practices

If you are seeking more 'calm' in your heart and mind, we can explore a variety of practices that can assist you to find the ‘stillpoint’ within for living daily life. Regular "Mindfulness & Soul Groups" are offered integrating these teacher's writings and practices. If a more personally tailored approach is needed, individual sessions are offered also.

Professional Consultation/Supervision for Practicing Therapists, Spiritual Directors, and Counsellors

If you are already a professional therapist I offer specialized consultation for integrating Carl Jung's insights into your therapy repertoire of theory and modalities. This means providing ways to work with dreams, images, fantasy life, unlived creative aspirations and agency with clients’. It does not offer formal 'dream analysis' but rather ways to work with the "soul's code" (James Hillman) to learn ways for relating with the inner life's language of image, intuition, feeling through imagination, night dreams and day dreams. 


Compassion Fatigue/Burnout Therapy for Front-Line Caregivers

Certified as a Compassion Fatigue Therapist, caring for the caregivers is a particular focus that I am very committed to offering.  I offer practical, therapeutic and rehabilitative support for front-line professionals to heal from personal crisis and cumulative stress, losses and challenges in worklife.

My Background & Qualifications

I'm a qualified PhD Candidate at Western University, currently conducting doctoral research on the phenomenon of wisdom. My Masters of Divinity was completed at the University of Toronto and my thesis focused on embodiment of the sacred in life through women's lived experiences and included training in the Ignatian teachings in Spiritual Direction. I was trained in the residency program of St. Michael's hopsital, Toronto, in Spiritual Care through the Canadian Association of Spiritual Care (CASC) and am a Specialist certified with CASC.

In addition, I am a member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO). Since 2000 I've worked as a psychotherapist specializing in spiritual-existential support in health care in palliative care, trauma and ICU, complex care. From 2007 to the present I've specialized in oncology developing an outpatient spiritual care and psychotherapy practice as part of the Supportive Care Department at the London Regional Cancer Program (LRCP). During this time I've created a group process for those living with cancer offered for patients of the London Regional Cancer Program called "Soul-Medicine", using art, nature, poetry, meditation and discussion to explore finding strength, hope and meaning when living with cancer. PracticeCALM is a training program I developed with Amanda J. Williams to train Radiation Therapists techniques that help to reduce treatment related anxiety for patients undergoing radiation therapy treatment.




Fazakerley, J., Butlin-Battler, H., Bradish, Grace. (2012). Just Stay: A Couple’s Last Journey Together. Toronto: Words Indeed Press.

1 500 copies sold: Canada, Germany, England, New Zealand.The book tells the story of Jen and Rob Fazakerley’s remarkable and life-affirming experience of finding hope in every day when a hope for cure with Rob's pancreatic cancer was not an option.

Journal articles

 Butlin, H., Kinsella, E. A., Garcia, C, Bauman, G. [2016]. “Searching for wisdom in oncology care: A scoping literature review”. Journal of Palliative and Supportive Care (e-pub.ahead of print).

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Book Chapter

Butlin, H. (In press). Soul-Medicine - An Autoethnography. In J. Higgs & D. Tasker (Eds.), Community-based healthcare: The search for mindful dialogue. Sydney, Australia.

Keynote speaker 

As a speaker at a variety of international, national and regional conferences I invite a focus on the humane, creative, compassionate and wise in all aspects of our lives for a much needed, hopeful future.

 Please note: For present or past (within the past 3 years) oncology patients of the London Regional Cancer Program, please contact me through the centre by calling through the operator at 519-685-8500 and ask for Helen Butlin in   "Supportive Care at the London Regional Cancer Program" in London Health Sciences Centre. 




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