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  • Registered Psychotherapist (CRPO)
  • Near Victoria Park, downtown London, details given by phone., London, Ontario, N6B 1Z5
  • My practice is full at this time. Please call or email in Fall, 2020
  • Phone: 519-281-8675
  • Session Fees: $150 + HST ($169.50) per full hour
  • www.helenjbutlin.com
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Phone, Webcam

"The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create,

to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love

and to be greater than our suffering."

Ben Okri

Welcome, I'm Helen....

Please note: Appointments given within one week.

Sometimes it is hard to reach out but if we can find the courage, it can change our lives.

From counselling and psychotherapy with many individuals over twenty years, I have come to steadfastly believe that everyone has more wisdom for getting through a difficult time than they generally realize. I offer a strength based approach to psychotherapy. Core to my practice is learning mindful self-compassion practices to support yourself more deeply as you heal, learn, grow and (re)gain a sense of wholeness.

I work with your individual beliefs, values, goals, spirituality, hopes, through practical, in depth psychotherapy and counselling.

My steadfast commitment is to give you a compassionate, gentle space for discovering your strengths, wisdom and healing.

Your first consultation will assess your particular situation and determine the type of support and psychotherapy that may work best for you. I will make appropriate referrals as necessary if further medical or clinical assessment is needed or different therapy modalities would fit your needs better. 

Together, we (re)discover your wholeness and strengths for a life that feels purposeful, meaningful, balanced and life-giving.

Some of the reasons that people come to my practice are:
  • Healing from trauma (includes EMDR therapy)
  • Anxiety & depression
  • Mindfulness & self-compassion practices
  • Chronic illness, cancer support, recovery from illness to wellness
  • Searching for deeper meaning & purpose
  • Bereavement, grief and loss 
  • Front-line crisis/trauma/vicarious trauma/compassion fatigue
  • Workplace stress
  • Communication skills for the difficult conversations in relationships (personal/work)
  • Parenting challenges, post-partum depression
  • Spiritual crisis/spiritual well-being (see video below)

Why I studied 'wisdom' in my doctoral research...

In my clinical practice in health care I have had the tremendous privilege to walk beside many, many individuals and families through cancer, bereavement, trauma, crisis, depression, anxiety, complex grief, post traumatic stress, hopelessness, searching for meaning living with chronic illness and through other acutely difficult life experiences such as job loss, divorce, or unplanned career transitions. The participants in the study also believed we need "wisdom dialogue" to help us through. They told me:

Wisdom is gained 

on the journey

you did not want

and gained

on the road

without a map

(Butlin, 2018, Searching for Wisdom: Perspectives of women living with ovarian cancer after participation in a supportive care group)

Each person has affirmed my conviction that we all have a depth of inner wisdom to find a way through anything, if we keep a focus on the tiny steps that we can manage and get the right support.

I will support you with guided practices and skills to discover your own unique wisdom, small steps for change, and ways to create that feeling of hope… in your own way.

You might want to explore more about finding your wisdom in my monthly blog on Finding Wisdom that uses my research on wisdom and makes it applicable to our daily lives. Link here: https://helenjbutlin.com/finding-wisdom/ (cut and paste into your browser).

For parents

Focusing on your own personal healing & growth IS impactful parenting.

For the parents reading this - as a mother of two children I understand intimately the juggle of life and parenting and know that my personal therapy work has radically changed my approach as a parent.

A gift you give to them can be to support yourself with guidance from someone outside your family system in personal therapy. It will pay forward to your kids as well. Parent guilt can be insidiously draining on your self-esteem, co-parenting relationship and resilience. Ditching the guilt or feelings of inadequacy can be the biggest change to tackling genuine problems creatively and wisely.

Thank you for taking the time to read this introduction to my practice. I can honestly say that each person I've had the privilege of supporting has taught me something new about the ways life will hone our wisdom for living through hard times and how we can even gain strength and compassion through them.

If you're interested in a session please contact me using the "Let's Connect" button on this Theravive listing. I will respond within 24 hours Mon - Sat unless my listing states I'm away.

Fees are priced for affordability and you can submit receipts to insurance companies. You may want to call your insurance carrier to ask if they cover Registered Psychotherapists ahead of time.

There is a sliding scale for low income households and special needs accommodation for accessibility.

I look forward to meeting with you if you are would like to reach out.

This video is from the 2012 SouthWestern Ontario Regional Supportive Care Conference (my name then was Helen Battler).

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