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I combine my years of work in the fields of creative production and administration with my education as a Registered Psychotherapist, Trauma Informed Therapist and Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator to create a safe space where creative people of all genders and sexual orientations can explore and find new awareness that will fuel change in their life. 
 My clients are creatives, entrepreneurs and change makers (or those that want to be). They come to me when they feel sabotaged by old patterns or traumas, feel anxious, depressed or have relationship issues. Sometimes they’ve experienced a lot of success but they don’t know how to enjoying it, or take the next leap. My approach helps them become aware of their thoughts, feelings and embodied self in a new way. The experiences we generate in this exploration allow for new possibilities in the way they relate to what’s holding them back.

What science tells us is that one of the most effective ways to create real change is to have a new perspective generated out of an experience that is felt in our body, in our thoughts and emotions. I view therapy like a creative studio. My client’s and I are collaborative explorers seeking the experiences and insights that will fuel change in their lives. They can be heard, and stop the action in their patterns long enough to get curious about what is actually happening, what beliefs are underneath their feelings and what is needed to experience something different.

Together we can explore how to:
  • Effectively manage your stress or recover from burn-out
  • Re-ignite your passion and purpose
  • Build more fulfilling relationships (monogamous, open or poly)
  • Create boundaries with yourself, others and your work
  • Get out of the shame, fear or self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • Find more joy in your life!

To Support You I have trained in:

  • Body Based Therapy That Can Help You:
    Learn how to calm your nervous system (if you suffer from anxiety, a racing thoughts or a racing heart) or stimulate your nervous system (if you tend toward depression, low energy, feel like you are plodding along). Using mindful embodied awareness practices can help you release and resolve the residue of trauma that is held in your body and the impact of childhood trauma related to neglect or abuse.
    My Training: Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, Level II: Emotional Processing, Meaning Making, and Attachment Repair (Currently Studying), Completed, Level I: Affect Dysregulation, Survival Defenses, and Traumatic Memory; Currently studying Level II; NICABM Rethinking Trauma Series; Sensory Awareness Training with Lee Klinger Lesser and Fran Khanna
  • Mindfulness Based Approaches to Therapy That Can Help You:
    Apply mindfulness practices to reduce emotional reactivity, improve focus, working memory, cognitive flexibility (and most importantly to most of us) reduce stress levels and improve quality of life. You don't have to become a dedicated meditator, there are many ways to explore mindfulness.
    Training includes: Applied Mindfulness Meditation Foundation & Specialist Certificates, University of Toronto

  • Gestalt Therapy Approaches That Can Help You:
    Focus on contact and awareness in the present moment in order to help you have greater choice in the here and now. “Gestalt” means whole, and that is how I see you, not just as a mind or a body but as a whole person. Gestalt Therapy brings a lively and sometimes playful way to experience fresh insight.
    My training: Graduate, Gestalt Institute of Toronto 5 year program, 2015

  • The Creative Process
    I know that leading an intentional and creative life has unique challenges. Being met by someone who gets it, who understands the creative process and the therapeutic process from the inside out can be a powerful thing.

    Healing is creative work. It requires us to be in the space between what we know and what we can imagine. Creativity is essential to shifting perspectives, staying curious and living with the tension of the unknown. Having creative muscle is essential to keeping my feet on the ground while we collaboratively explore what might be possible.
    My training: Honours BA, University of Guelph, Visual Arts, Graduated with Distinction; Post Graduate Diploma Sheridan College, Graduated with Distinction; Years of successful work in management and producer roles within the arts, publishing and broadcasting. Years of my own creative art production, solo shows in the visual arts, and writing.

If you are tired of feeling stuck with your status quo, or you are ready to find a new way to relate to what has been holding you back, I invite you to give me a call at 647-992-2253 or email me from my website at
My office is located at 489 College Street, conveniently located near the corner of College st. and Bathurst st. in downtown Toronto. The office is easily accessible by the Bathurst or College street cars or a 15 minute walk from the Bathurst Subway Station. There is street parking and several parking lots available near by. 

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