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  • Registered Psychotherapist
  • 175 Hampton Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M4K 2Z3
  • Phone: 416-999-2234
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  • Session Fees: Individual Fee - $120, Couples Fee- $200
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
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I work from a model of health, balance and empathy by bringing into awareness the places where we get stuck and our unique ways of getting there. You know best when your patterns of coping are no longer working. A therapist's job is to support you in creating positive shifts in your life. This support may sometimes feel frustrating, especially when our familiar patterns of functioning are being challenged. I incorporate art, humour and paradox in sessions allowing for a creative, spontaneous exploration of your needs, contradictions and feelings and by providing a safe space where new possibilities and hope are possible.
I work primarily with the Gestalt approach, which focuses on self-awareness, contact and the here and now. My style is attentive and responsive. You will get direct feedback from me in each meeting. I use a variety of therapeutic techniques including Psychodrama, Drawing and Mindfulness based interventions.
In addition to my work with individuals, I work with couples on identifying outdated patterns of communication and on enhancing problem solving and intimacy. My work with couples is informed by adult attachment theory and Emotionally Focused Therapy. Couples come to therapy at different relationship stages and with a wide range of concerns. Some of the topics may include trust issues, infidelity, financial issues, blended family concerns, separation, emotional expression as well as differing needs and definitions of closeness, intimacy and commitment. 
In our work together you will uncover negative communication patterns as well as develop strategies for enhancing a deeper sense of relating to yourself as well as your partner.  Nourishing relationships require effective communication, respect, mutuality, and consideration. Partners need to be responsive to the needs of the relationship and responsive to the needs of each individual within the relationship to allow for a safe and authentic expression of who we are. We will work on highlighting the patterns that affect your relationship and on establishing common goals, as well as identifying your individual values and strengths to help you make informed decisions whether you are wanting to deepen your relationship or contemplating ending it. The end goal is to create a space where you have enough support to make self-aware decisions that align with your values and needs.
I work with adults, couples, LGBQT community and adolescents on issues such as loss, conflict, chronic health problems, anxiety, body and identity concerns, as well as blocks in creativity. I enjoy working with individuals in private practice, as well as facilitating workshops and support groups. I run regular, experiential workshops at the University of Toronto for staff, students and faculty on stress management, caregiver burnout, self-awareness and mindfulness. 
My office is located five minutes from the Chester subway station. I look forward to meeting with you! 

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