Yoshie Martinez, M.Ed., CCC

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Human behavior fascinates me. I’ve been very curious of what makes us happy, sad or anxious. What attracts us to one another? What pushes us away? This curiosity led me to do a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. This wasn’t enough. My curiosity of how we survive in the toughest of times led me to volunteer at the crisis lines in Ottawa. I discovered the strength that people have to survive the toughest of times.

I then made it my career by completing a Master of Education in Counselling and working since as the Anger Program Counsellor at a community agency dedicated to helping women in trouble with the law. The power and importance of relationships and family became very apparent through my work and I completed a certificate in Couples Counselling.

I now work with anybody who is looking to heal their emotional pain, understand themselves and looking to improve the relationship they have with their partner or family. I keep learning and cherish the moments of growth that I have been privileged to witness.

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