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  • Registered Social Worker & Clinical Therapist
  • 313 Danforth Ave, East York, Ontario, M4J 2A1
  • Phone: 647-880-4927
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  • Session Fees: 60-minute sessions $150.00 *Registered Social Worker services are covered by many insurance plans. Contact your provider to inquire about coverage. **Services can also be claimed as a medical expense tax deduction on your income tax return.
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Hello!  So glad you are here.

About me

I'm Melice, therapist, amateur baker, clinical social worker and group instructor in Toronto, Canada.

About my approach 

“Career Counselling” Self doubt leaves you feeling discontent in your professional life.  You question your abilities to achieve your goals. You are unmotivated to search jobs, while also feeling discouraged to apply for higher positions. You avoid work confrontations out of fear you will be disliked. You feel the need to compare yourself with other colleagues. You overextend yourself hoping it will be acknowledged. You strive to work harder, than anyone else, just so you are taken seriously. You lack self confidence and wonder if anyone else is experiencing what you are going through.

Would you like to move forward from self-doubt? Email me today.
You may not even understand how or why you are impacted by self doubt. As your therapist I help your move forward from self doubt. Working together, we explore indicators that highlight your lack of contentment with the way things are moving in your life.  We move you toward things you value in your career, family, and relationships. Moving forward and getting it right gives you a greater sense of self and purpose.

Restore your esteem. Improve your outlook. Renew your hope.

Finding a therapist with a niche that meets your specific need is beneficial for you in the long run. Let me explain.

I’m sure you’re already aware just how important finding the right help for your specific situations are.

When you work with a therapist who has a niche you know:

  • 1.     They work with a specific client population
  • 2.     They specialize in that area, understanding the needs of that population
  • 3.     They stand out among other therapist as the best person to help
  • 4.     They are clear about who they serve and what they have to offer
  • 5.     Their niche is something they are passionate and confident about

The work I do is very specific: I support individuals experiencing self doubt in their professional life. Seeds of doubt are experienced as ruminating thoughts that hinder progress.


Here are some pain points professionals experiencing self doubt relate with:

·       You question your abilities to achieve professional goals

·       You compare yourself with other colleagues’ accomplishments

·       You feel discontent in your professional life 

·       You avoid confrontation at work out of fear you will be disliked

·       You overextended yourself to others, hoping it will be acknowledged

Searching for the right help, starts with finding the support for your specific circumstance. 

Next steps: 
Contemplating therapy? Email me today, for your free 15-minute telephone consultation. I will respond to you directly within 2-business days. If you would like to continue with sessions afterward of course we can discuss what would be most helpful for you. I offer in person, telephone, and virtual therapy.

You never feel rushed in your individualized 60-minute therapy sessions. Evening and weekend appointments available. *Registered Social Worker services are covered by many insurance plans. Contact your provider to inquire about your coverage. **Services can also be claimed as a medical expense tax return.  

Session fees:  60-minute session $150.00 Credit, Debt and Cash payment options.

Office Location: THE 313, Upstairs, 313 Danforth Ave, Toronto, Ontario Canada 
<Limited in person sessions available>
Store front location, conveniently located in Toronto's east end, near Chester Subway station. I offer a clean, comfortable, fragrance-free environment.  


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